Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning Portfolio (blog) Requirements, Grades and Grading

To participate in the diesel class you will need to set up, and maintain a Learning Portfolio. Google Blogger works well to do this. Here is a tutorial on how to get started with Blogger:   http://youtu.be/rKVQKQxxUlk

Once you set it up, copy the URL/http:// address and paste it into an email to me so that I can follow and comment every week.

Put up a weekly report of the following, in a post, due every Monday night at 11:59pm:

1.       Hours per week.
2.       Running total of hours (hours-to-date) until you reach your required hours. (see the example below)
3.       A "reflection" of what you have learned this week. Pick just one thing and post a few lines about it. This is NOT a list of tasks done, this is a capture of your self-talk (yes, we all do it…) and thought, outlining what you have learned the previous week. This is the most important part of your learning portfolio.
4.       Include a couple of photos or a video each week.

You will be graded on the following:

1.       Spelling – if you use a word it must be spelled correctly. There is a reason for the red dots under a word; it is likely misspelled. The expectation is that it is spelled correctly.
2.       Punctuation – start with sentences capital letters, end with periods, question marks or exclamation points.
3.       Content –  you MUST reflect on your learning, not just make a list of tasks. What did you learn? Write about it. This is important.
4.       Photos/video – sometime in the 300 hours you have included an interesting photo or video to support your writing on what you have learned. Just a few are needed…no need to over-do it.
5.       Timeliness – your blog is due at 11:59p Monday night, regardless of holidays. Posts added after 11:59p are late
You have one ‘grace’ period. After one late post the grade starts to fall from an ‘A’.

‘A’ work represents exceptional work. Deviation from any of the standards above will result in something less than an ‘A’.

The life without examination is no life. Plato

Every Student Should Have A Digital Portfolio

Updated 7 January 2015

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